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Immigration Issues: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Case Status
Check your immigration case status with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly INS and BCIS)
Green Card Marriage
Green card marriage: A Q&A on gaining permanent residence in the United States through marriage.
Coming to America
Do you want to live in the United States? Learn about the visa options you have and what is needed to come and live in the U.S.
Key Immigration Issues
immigration issues and political debates, from the guest worker program to education and public assistance for undocumented immigrants.
Denied, Banned or Deported
Here are eight immigration mistakes that virtually guarantee you'll be denied your visa, banned or detained and deported from the U.S.
Green Card Through Marriage
Green Card Through Marriage - full transcript of a Q&A session about marriage and the Green Card, with Carl Shusterman, Esq.
Renew Your Green Card
How to replace a permanent resident card (green card)
Requiring English in the U.S.
Should English be the official U.S. language? What about Spanish? Arguments for and against, plus where George W. Bush and his former presidential opponent, Governer John Kerry, stand.
Guest Workers / Farm Workers
Should illegal aliens and foreigners be allowed to work in the U.S., legally, for up to six years?
Green Card Lottery-DV-2009
Everything you need to know about entering the DV-2009 green card lottery in 2007.
Immigration and Party Lines
Where do Republicans stand on immigration? How do Democrats view immigrants? The philosophies and goals of each group is vastly different. Can they ever see eye to eye?
Illegal Immigrant Education
Should the U.S. government allow illegal immigrant children in public schools? Should they allow them in college? Should they give them tuition breaks? Here are background information and pro/con arguments from both sides.
Immigrant Welfare, Healthcare
Immigrants often take advantage of public services, such as healthcare and welfare, costing the United States billions each year. Is this fair to American citizen taxpayers who foot the bill? Would it be humane to deny assistance to human beings in need?
U.S. Border Control Issues
When U.S. borders are vulnerable, the entire country is vulnerable. What should be done about the borders, and what is at stake?
Should You Migrate to Canada?
What makes Canada a great relocation alternative for disillusioned Americans?
Immigrant Impact: Healthcare $
Opponents of mass immigration say that immigrants play an ominous role in our rising health care costs. Advocates argue that health care costs, influenced by other factors, are harming new immigrants, as well as others in the United States.
Driver's Licenses: Immigrants
In most parts of the U.S., driving a car is necessary to get to work, school or the doctor. Should legal immigrants and temporary residents have quick access to a driver's license? Should illegals be granted driver's licenses?
U.S. Border Crossing/Ports
U.S. Border, control, patrol, facts and statistics on US Borders with Mexico and Canada
When will your green card arrive?
When will my green card arrive? Many aspiring immigrants are confused and concerned when they learn that
Marriage, Fiance Visas
Marriage to an American: Visa and Green Card options
Should illegal immigrants in the United States receive amnesty? Here are arguments from both sides of the issue.
180-day Portability Rule - Clearing Up Misconceptions
Understanding the 180-day Portability Rule
Emigrating to Canada
For those of you who wish to emigrate to Canada, we put together this guide that explains the different immigration categories, requirements, how to prepare the immigration process without a lawyer, including links to the official immigration Web site of the Canadian government.
Green Card Explained
Definition of green card in terms of United States immigration regulations.
Part 2: Getting Settled in the USA: A Guide
Getting Established in the USA   Join the Discussion "But what about all the legitimate people who can't
Visitor Visa
This how-to guide explains the necessary steps for getting a visitor visa for the United States. The visitor visa category is divided into travel for pleasure or medical treatment (B-2) and travel for business (B-1). Visitors from certain countries don't need a visa, as part of the Visa Waiver Program.
A Personal Immigration Experience: Marriage and Travel: Don't Learn the Hard Way
A Personal Immigration Experience: Student Visa - Marriage - Travel Don't Learn the Hard Way A personal
INS Announces Case Status Online
INS Announces Case Status Online Many Applicants for Benefits Can Check Case Status Using the Internet
US Immigration History
Overview of Immigration in America
Immigration Issues - Issues
An index of Issues for the Immigration Issues guide site.
Immigration Before & After: Putting it in Perspective
Immigration Before & After: Putting it in Perspective What has changed as a result of the events that
Deportation Proceedings: Telling it to the Judge
Deportation Proceedings: Telling it to the Judge Transcript Jennifer Wipf: Welcome to our deportation
Bill Clinton: Biography & Role in Immigration Issues
William Jefferson Clinton: Biography
Carlos Santana
Spotlight on Carlos Santana: The Famous and Notable Immigrants Series
Winning Baby Born to Illegals
The Toys R Us First-Baby-of-the-year Contest riles tempers in the Asian- and Chinese-American communities, spurring immigration debates.
TIPS FOR U.S. VISAS: Fiance Visa
Information by the U.S. Department of State on marriage-based visas (K-1 fiance and alien-spouse)
The Latest BCIS Memo About the 180-Day Portability Rule
USCIS Memo on the 180-Day Portability Rule   Join the Discussion 'Notice and Procedures' TONYJOVE    
Citizenship USA With Carl Shusterman, Esq.
Becoming a US Citizen No Foreign Prince or Potentate: Becoming a U.S. Citizen! Attorney and Certified
Citizens of India will be allowed dual citizenship with USA
India to Allow Dual Citizenship Indians who seek a better life in the USA will no longer have to forfeit
Kite Runner
Review of Khaled Hosseini's novel "The Kite Runner," the story of an Afghan immigrant to the United States and his childhood in Afghanistan.
Marriage Fraud
Immigration fraud is widespread, and a very serious crime.
Tips for U.S. Visas: Affidavit of Support, I-864
FAQ by the U.S. Department of Justice about the affidavit of support (I-864)
Getting Settled in the USA: A Guide
Getting Established in the USA     Join the Discussion "But what about all the legitimate people who
Canadian Immigration Guide
A step-by-step guide to emigrating from the US to Canada
DV-2008 Winner Tips
DV-2008 Winners who entered the green card lottery in 2006 with hopes of winning a diversity visa, have been chosen and notified.
Leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman recently hosted a chat on our site
Leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman recently hosted a chat on our site. Here is the transcript
Immigration Europe: Crisis or Denial?
Immigration Europe : Crisis or Denial? Greetings from the land of blonde braids, cheese and yodeling.
Citizenship for Soldiers
Thousands of military personnel are not yet citizens of the U.S., and are thus defending a country in which they lack certain rights, including the right to vote for their own leaders.
Green Card Lottery: How to Enter Without Hiring an Attorney
Recently, Leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman recently hosted a chat on our site on: How to
Deportation - U.S.
What does the U.S. immigration term deportation mean?
Adjustment of Status
What is adjustment of status in immigration terms? Here is a definition that's easy to understand.
Immigration Legislative, Policy and Agency Contacts
Deportable Alien - U.S.
What does it mean if someone refers to a foreigner as a deportable alien?
U.S. Visitor Visas
US Visitor Visas for business or pleasure
The Application
A step-by step of the government's lottery application
The Immigration and Naturalization Service, or INS, changed its name to BCIS, then to USCIS. Which is it now? INS, BCIS or USCIS? We explain the reasons behind the name changes.
When an H-1B Worker is Terminated: What Happens?
When an H-1B Holder Loses a Job    Join the Discussion 'How quickly can I transfer my H-1B from one employer
Conditional Resident U.S.
What is a conditional resident in the United States?
Is a Submissive Wife the Key to a Happy Marriage?
Is a Submissive Wife the Key to a Happy Marriage? Author Laura Doyle thinks so, and apparently a lot
Visa / Green Card Backlog
Immigration applications take months and years to be processed. Waiting times and priority dates are out of control. Applicants wait for years abroad to be reunited with their families in the U.S. Is this right? Is it wrong? What are the arguments from both sides? What can be done about it? Should something be done at all?
Help With INS Forms
Help With INS Forms: Filling in the Blanks Legal assistant Claudia Gregorian, Law Offices of Carl Shusterman,
Child Status Protection Act - Q&A
Child Status Protection Act - Q&A;   Join the Discussion 'LIFE, CSS and EAD' HASHAS1     Related Resources
Immigration Issues for Nurses
Chat For Nurses: H-1C's, TN's and Permanent Residence Transcript Chat For Nurses: H-1C's, TN's and Permanent
Step-by-Step U.S. Visa
Here is a step-by-step guide to applying for a visa to the United States, and using it properly once you have it.
Priority Dates Transcript
Transcript of our informative chat on priority dates with leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman in quick and easy FAQ style recap.
Fake i.d. and Green Cards a Growing Problem
Fake i.d. and Green Cards a Growing Problem   Join the Discussion "Some pro-immigration folks would consider
From Alien to Greencard Holder
Explanation of the process of changing status from alien to permanent resident (green card holder).
And Who Needs To
Find out who needs to fill out the G325 forms and how to do so.
Indefinite Detention
Illegal aliens, as well as foreigners legally in the U.S. who have committed a crime, can be deported at any time. While they are awaiting deportation, they may wait indefinitely in jail. This has been going on for a long time. More recently, anyone suspected of having ties to terrorism can be held indefinitely as well. "indefinitely" can mean years, without any set court date.
Advance Parole
How to get an advance parole/travel permission while your immigration application is pending.
Apply for Asylum
A step-by-step guide to applying for asylum status in the USA.
The Secretary's Open Forum: America's Immigration History and its Current Law
THE SECRETARY'S OPEN FORUM   Presentations were prepared for the Secretary's Open Forum Conversation
Whether you are traveling overseas for business
Your Trip Abroad Department of State Publication 10542 Bureau of Consular Affairs April 1998 FOREWORD
Section 212(c) Relief from deportation, for Aliens With Certain Criminal Convictions Before April 1, 1997
Text of the regulations from the Federal Register: [Federal Register: September 28, 2004 (Volume 69,
Establishing Credit Bush and Fox Make Immigration Pact
Immigrants Without Credit & How To Get Some   Join the Discussion "Have you found it difficult to establish
Green Cards Through Family - Chat Transcript
Chat on Getting A Green Card Through Family Jennifer Wipf : Mr. Shusterman is here everyone. Remember
Immigration Court: Appeals, Waivers, Litigation: A Question and Answer Transcript
How To Turn A Losing Case Into A Winner Leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman recently hosted
What is an asylee in the United States?
Part 3: Health Insurance and Medication in the USA: A Guide
Getting Established in the USA   Join the Discussion "But what about all the legitimate people who can't
New INS Fees 2002 - advisory
Be sure to heed the new INS fees
Chat Contact List -- Immigration Issues
Page your editors or an Immigration Chat Buddy to Come Join You in Our Chat Room: Below is a list of immigration
Student Visa
For those who wish to study in the USA, here is how you can get a student visa, step by step.
Foreign Credential Evaluation
Foreign Credential Evaluation in the United States By Holly O’Neill West          Introduction Many people,
Changing Temp Visas
Changing From One Nonimmigrant Status to Another
Visitor to Spouse
Step by step instructions on how to go from visitor status (visa waiver or visitor visa) to legal spouse with temporary work and travel permission, and eventually a green card.
The H-1B Portability Rule: How to Change Employers
H-1B Portability Rule - Guidance Policy by the INS
Definition of a Green Card
Definition and explanation of a green card, also known as permanent resident card.
TN VISAS: Professionals Under NAFTA
Information by the U.S. Department of State about how to get a TN visa (Professionals under NAFTA)
Advance Parole - U.S.
What is advance parole in U.S. immigration terms?
Temporary Protected Status
A step-by-step guide to how to apply for temporary protected status (TPS)
Immigrant Musicians: Spotlight on Gloria Estefan
Musician Immigrants Welcome to this new edition to our Musician Immigrant series, a developing collection
DMV Denies Licenses to Legal Immigrants
Now DMV is Turning Legal Immigrants Away The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has long been a foe of
Why be a US Citizen
Becoming a US citizen has its rewards. Here are the top 10
i-245 Revival - LIFE
Temporary Revival of i-245
H-1B Work Visa
Want to work in the USA? If you want an American company to sponsor you, you need a type of work visa called an H-1B visa in order to live and work in the US. Here are the steps to getting one.
Physicians & Nurses: Immigration Primer - Q&A
Physicians & Nurses: Immigration Primer - Q&A;   Join the Discussion 'Dilemma Under H-1B' MUTINDA    
Green Card Lottery Insuctions for the Diversity Visa: DV-2006
Insuctions for the Diversity Lottery: DV 2006
Our Forums - Look What's Going On! Immigration Issues
Register as a member of Immigration Issues and all of Born Abroad, for FREE! Then use the back button to
The I-94
What is an I94 form, and when is it used?
LIFE: New Immigration Laws - 245(i), V visa, K visa, Amnesty & More
LIFE: Section 245(i) and Other Immigration Benefits   Join the Discussion 'Does 245(i) apply to me?'
Halloween: From Immigrants
Immigrants brought Halloween to America
What is a person's country of nationality in U.S. immigration terms?
Student to Spouse
Step by step instructions for foreign students in the USA on a student visa, who find themselves in love and ready to marry a US citizen and apply for a spouse-based greencard.
What is an Immigration Bail Bond?
Information about immigration bail bonds
Green Card Family
Transcript of our informative chat on green cards through family, with leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman
The steps you need to take, in terms of immigration procedure, if you are interested in adopting a child from abroad.
Musician Immigrants - Spotlight on Gene Simmons
Musician Immigrants Welcome to our second piece in our Musician Immigrants series, a developing collection
New Citizenship Test in Development
Daily Headline News Archives: April 2002
Index of Monthly Archives of Immigration Headlines: April 2002 This page contains the links to our monthly
Professional Work Visa Issues
A look at the issues surrounding professional worker visas to the U.S., namely the L-1 and H-1B visas, annual caps, rules, regulations, and the effect of these visas on American workers.
Application Support Center USA
Definition of Application Support Centers in connection with US immigration
Family-Based Visas
Tips for those embarking on the process of family immigration
Sponsor a Sibling
How to sponsor your brother or sister for a visa/green card/permanent residence in the United States.
Holidays Immigrate Too
How immigrants contributed to many winter holiday traditions in the United States of America
Arnold Profile
From Bodybuilder champ to movie star to governor of California: Arnold Schwarzenegger embodies the American dream. Read about his career highlights and the history of Austrian immigration to the United States, including other notable immigrants.
INS Moves to Soften 1996 Immigration Law
The Harsh 1996 Law Needs and Injection of Discretion
Do-it-yourself Immigration
Can you file for immigration benefits yourself? Maybe. And these kits could help.
DV Lottery
Transcript of our recent chat with leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman on the subject of Diversity Lottery: How to enter the green card lottery for free!
Daily Headline News Archives: March 2002
Index of Monthly Archives of Immigration Headlines: March 2002 This page contains the links to our monthly
USCIS (former INS) proposes fee increases
Green Card Lottery defined
What is the Green Card Lottery?
Employment-Based Green Cards
A look at employment-based visas
Immigration, Same-Sex Partners
Same-sex partners have a rough time when one is a foreigner hoping to immigrate based on the relationship.
Parent Citizens, my AOS app
Priority Dates and Family Sponsorship: What happens to my visa application when my parents become citizens?
Tips for U.S. Visas: New Law for Affidavit of Support I-864
New Guidelines by the U.S. Department of Justice about the affidavit of support (I-864)
Product Review - K-3 U.S. Entry Visa for Spouse Package
K-3 K-4 Do-it-yourself visa kit by AC - A Product Review
Finding an Immigration Lawyer
How to find yourself a damn good immigration lawyer in the United States. This guide will help you choose the immigration lawyer that is right for you.
Immigration Issues - HowTos
An index of HowTos for the Immigration Issues guide site.
Judicial Review
Explanation of the term judicial review in the context of immigration
Foreign Credential Evaluation in the United States
Foreign Credential Evaluation in the United States By Holly O’Neill West       Part II Pages  1, 2, 
Physicians & Nurses: Immigration Primer II - Q&A
Physicians & Nurses: Immigration Primer II - Q&A;   Join the Discussion 'H-1 Visa' TOIE     Related Resources
Migrant Worker Program Gets Support
Migrant Worker Program Gets Support   Join the Discussions "Some pro-immigration folks would consider
Student Visas
Tips for U.S. student visas
GUIDESITE Glossary A               H               O               U B               I               
BIA Favors Kids
BIA Rules In Favor of Children Who Aged-Out Despite CSPA
U. S. Citizenship
Article by leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman, Esq. on becoming a U.S. citizen through your parents, also called citizenship by acquisition or citizenship by derivation.
Education, Experience Required
What are these work experience and education requirements for the green card lottery?
Who is Elian Gonzalez?
Elian Gonzalez for news-dummies: The entire case is summarized here, from day one.
USCIS Service Center Specialty
USCIS divides service centers by specialization, scrapping geographical system.
Daily Headline News Archives: January - February 2002
Index of Monthly Archives of Immigration Headlines: January - February 2002 This page contains the links
Bush Plan Jan. 2004
The White House makes a January 2004 statement on Bush's new proposal regarding work visas for undocumented immigrants.
How To Get a Student Visa
A simple How To on getting a student visa
Immigration Issues - Articles
An index of Articles for the Immigration Issues guide site.
What is an affidavit in relation to immigration issues?
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