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Articles, statistics and figures on immigration's economic impact. Critical, controversial discussions and debates about implications, consequences and benefits of immigration from the point of view of advocates and opponents.
Immigration News: Border Apprehensions Down, Citizenship Apps Up
Illegal border crossing seems to be down, but can we trust the implications? On another note, citizenship applications are on the rise.
Immigration News: Educating Illegals, Border Safety, Gonzalez Kudos
Should the undocumented receive tuition breaks? ... Can Americans really be concerned about immigrants when they are busy worrying about border safety? ... The new(ish) director of the USCIS is holding his own ... so far.
Schwarzenegger Challenges Requirements for Presidency
If Arnold Schwarzenegger has his way, he might be able to run for President of the United States some day. Right now, the US Constitution requires that a president be born on US soil. Could that change?
Baby Contest Riles Tempers, Spurs Immigration Debate
The Toys R Us First-Baby-of-the-year Contest riles tempers in the Asian- and Chinese-American communities, spurring immigration debates.
Immigration Agenda: Republicans vs. Democrats
Where do Republicans stand on immigration? How do Democrats view immigrants? The philosophies and goals of each group is vastly different. Can they ever see eye to eye?
Immigration Issues: Hot Button Political Topics: Both Sides of Each Issue
Hot button political immigration issues: From the guest worker program to education and public assistance for undocumented immigrants.
Immigration Laws: How Are They Made?
This article describes the process of making an immigration law (or any other law) from beginning to end.
The White House on Immigration Reform
The White House' statement on immigration reform, published on April 1, 2004. In this document, President Bush outlines his principles for immigration reform.
Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act
Explanation of the term IIRAIRA - Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act
Explanation of the term General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade GATT
Advocates for Immigration
Letter A: An explanation of the term Advocates for immigration
Should English be the Official U.S. Language?
Should English be the official U.S. language? What about Spanish? Arguments for and against, plus where Bush and Kerry stand.
A New Amnesty? Congressional Reaction To Labor's Proposal Part 1
Amnesty? Transcript of chat with Carl Shusterman, Esq., explaining the legal ins and outs, who qualifies, and how to apply.
A New Amnesty? Congressional Reaction To Labor's Proposal Part 2
Amnesty? Transcript of chat with Carl Shusterman, Esq., explaining the legal ins and outs, who qualifies, and how to apply.
Amnesty: Pros, Cons and Political Positions
Should illegal immigrants in the United States receive amnesty? Here are arguments from both sides of the issue.
Welfare & Healthcare for Immigrants
Immigrants often take advantage of public services, such as healthcare and welfare, costing the United States billions each year. Is this fair to American citizen taxpayers who foot the bill? Would it be humane to deny assistance to needy human beings?
State Drivers Licenses for Aliens in the U.S
In most parts of the U.S., driving a car is necessary to get to work, school or the doctor. Should legal immigrants and temporary residents have quick access to a driver's license? Should illegals be granted a driver's license?
The INS Cracks Down and Eases Up at the Same Time
Some politicians believe the INS is incredibly lax, and others believe it's far too tough, when it comes to immigrants that get in conflict with the law.
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