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U.S. - Undocumented, Deportation, Criminal Record or Other Concerns

Articles and sites dealing with with critical, controversial Deportation and Exclusion Issues in immigration.
Eight Ways to Get Denied, Banned or Deported from the U.S.
Here are eight ways to virtually guarantee that you'll be denied your visa, or banned or deported from the U.S.
Finding a Darn Good Immigration Lawyer
Learn what to look for when trying to find an immigration lawyer.
International Law
Explanation of the term International Law
Judicial Review
Explanation of the term judicial review in the context of immigration
Justice Department
Explanation of the term Justice Department
Explanation of the term Injunction
explanation of the term Immunity
U.S. Supreme Court Rules: No More Indefinite Detenion for Refugees, But no more Advance Consent Required for Deportations Either
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that there will be no more indefinite detentions of refugees in the United States, even if they are not in status. However, the court also ruled that the U.S. does not need advance constent from a country in order to deport an immigrant from the United States.
Unlucky in Love - Gay and Lesbian Immigration
For gay and lesbian couples in binational relationships, immigration is a dirty word. Learn about the current possibilities for a homosexual partner to immigrate to the United States.
Top 10 Reasons to File Tax Returns if you are an Undocumented Immigrant
Undocumented immigrant? Filing your tax returns might help you financially and legally, and may later assist in proving your presence, moral character, and more.
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