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U.S. Immigration History

Articles and timelines about those who immigrated, historical immigration trends and laws, Ellis Island, historical sites and individual stories.
Historical Snapshot of US Immigration
Overview of Immigration in America
How Immigrants Brought Halloween to the USA
Immigrants brought Halloween to America
America: Immigration History and its Current Law
Presentations for the Secretary's Open Forum Conversation Series: America's Immigration History and its Current Law. A paper written by Professor Maurice Waters. Courtesy of U.S. Department of State.
Ellis Island On Line
Ellis Island makes millions of records available on the Internet.
Paris Peace Treaty of 1783
This government document contains a summary of the treaty of Paris of 1783. In this Treaty, Great Britain recognized the independence of the former colonies as the United States of America.
A Little Cheese For You
Wisconsin and Switzerland - learn about how Swiss immigrants brought the cheese to Wisconsin and how the "Cheeseheads" celebrate this tasty food.
Arnold Schwarzenegger - an American Dream
From Bodybuilder champ to movie star to governor of California: Arnold Schwarzenegger embodies the American dream. Read about his career highlights and the history of Austrian immigration to the United States, including other notable immigrants.
Celebrating U.S. Citizenship
It is an honor and a privilege to be a U.S. citizen. Find out how it is honored and celebrated.
Immigration History Research Center
An excellent research source for exploring immigration history.
New Immigrants May Fare Worse
Each decade of new immigrants has done worse than the last economically. What factors have influenced this ominous trend?
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