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Understanding U.S. Immigration

An introduction to U.S. immigration terms, procedures, agencies, statistics and issues.
American Visas: The Path to Immigration
With the exception of refugees, asylees and visa waiver travelers, all immigrants start their journey to legal US residence and citizenship with a visa. Here are the basics.
Foundations for Immigration
Immigration to the US must be supported by a reason, or basis. Why is the person immigrating? To contribute to the US financially? To join family? To escape political persecution elsewhere? Moving to the US just for fun is not an option.
Glossary of U.S. Immigration Terms
This ever-growing glossary of important U.S. immigration terms provides an excellent foundation for understanding this complex topic.
U.S. Immigration: A Historical Snapshot, Past to Present
An overview of immigration from the golden years to the present.
How Immigration Laws are Made
How does an immigration law become a law? Here's an overview of the process.
Major Immigration Issues in the US Today
What are the major issues and debates concerning modern US immigration and immigrants? There are quite a few. Here we look at those that have an impact on both immigrants and citizens.
U.S. Borders and Ports of Entry
Here's a concise, descriptive overview with stats and facts on legal and illegal border crossings and port of entry admissions into the U.S.
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