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Definition: A legal statement which requires that a notary witness the signing of the document. The signature guarantees that the contents of the statement are true and correct to the best of the signer's knowledge and the notary (or other authorized judicial officer) is confirming the signature and identity of the person signing the statement. These documents are considered so legally binding that judges in court will often accept them as an alternative to witness testimony. Notary services, often found in banks or office service centers, require a solid form of i.d. and often times a cash fee.
Pronunciation: a-fee-dayvit
Examples: Marc came to the United States as a foreign student. He married a U.S. citizen. Part of filing for adjustment of status (from student to permanent resident) includes Form I-864, called affidavit of support, wherein his father-in-law guarantees to financially support Marc in case of a financial crisis, since he is not eligible for welfare as an immigrant. Should he ever go on welfare, his father-in-law will have to pay the government back.
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