What is a Green Card?
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Q. What is the Definition of a Green Card?

From Jennifer Leavitt-Wipf,
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What exactly is a green card? What is the definition? What is the proper/official name of this card? Is the card really green?
A. A green card is a life-long visa ("pass") allowing a foreigner to live and work in the United States. The card itself is a government-issued plastic i.d. card that serves as proof of this permanent resident status in the United States. In size and format, it generally resembles a driver's license.

The official title of the card is "Permanent Resident Card" and as it so happens, the card is not green. The nickname may have come from the symbolic nature of the color green in the United States: Green has come to mean "go," as it does on a traffic light.

Beware: A green card is not citizenship. A green card can be revoked if a person does not maintain permanent residence in the United States, travels outside the country for too long, or breaks certain laws.

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