Getting the Right Visa and Immigration Photos, Step-by-Step
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Immigration Photos: Specs for all USCIS Forms

From Jennifer Leavitt-Wipf,
Your Guide to Immigration Issues.
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Find the Best Photographer for Your Immigration Photos

The most minor mistakes in a USCIS application can cause delays that could prevent you from working, traveling or even being reunited with your family. Never fear, we give you all the information you need to get it right the first time.

Immigration photos have very strict specifications. K-Mart, Walmart and most airports have do-it-yourself boothes that advertise themselves as Passport Photograph Services. These <i>could</i> turn out fine, but without human feedback, you won't know for sure. Better to look in the yellow pages under "Immigration Photos," "Green Card Photographs," or, if you can't find either of those, "Passport Photographs" and have the picture taken there. You won't need an expensive portrait photographer. Someone with experience specific to immigration photos is preferable.

  1. Find the Best Photographer for Your Immigration Photos
  2. Check the Overall Size of Your Immigratio Photos
  3. Review and Protect the Quality of Your Immigration Photos
  4. Check Immigration Photos for Proper Lighting and Background
  5. Order Either Glossy or Matte Finish
  6. Use the Correct Type of Film for Your Immigration Photo
  7. Check Dimensions of Your Image in Immigration Photos
  8. What Needs to be Clearly Visible in Your Immigration Photos
  9. Contrast Guidelines for Your Immigration Photos
  10. Order at Least Two Identical Copies of Your Immigration Photos

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