Step-by-Step Guide to Filling Out Form G325, Biographical Information Sheets, A-C
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Download Form G-325

How to Fill Out the G-325A, G-325B and G-325C USCIS Forms

From Jennifer Leavitt-Wipf,
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Understand What the G-325 Form is

Don't bother trying to figure out whether you need a G-325A form. Most applications require it, it's simple to do, and there is no filing fee, so include it. Better safe than sorry. Omissions can cause major delays. If you have a sponsor, you both need to fill out, sign, and submit one to the USCIS, all together in the same application packet.

Refer to the instructions in your primary application for which version of the G-325 you need. Family-sponsored applications require G-325A, those with military experience should use G-325B, and employer-sponsored applications call for G-325C. When in doubt, use G-325.

The G-325 Biographical Information Forms are used to provide the United States with information about the person completing the form. It requests basic information about who are you, where you have lived and worked and who you have been married to.

  1. Understand What the G-325 Form is
  2. Download, Print and Begin to Fill Out the G-325 Form(s)
  3. Get Familiar With Need-to-Know Terms on USCIS Form G-325
  4. Form G-325: Fill Out Your Name, Gender, Date of Birth, All Other Names Used,
  5. How to Respond to Requests for SS and A Numbers
  6. Fill in Parental Details and List Current and Former Marriages
  7. Last Address Outside of the U.S., That You Lived at for More Than 12 Months
  8. Fill Out G-325 Employment History
  9. Check the box Indiciating the Purpose of Your Form G-325
  10. Fill Out Two More Identical G-325 Forms, Sign, Have Notarized and Attach

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Download Form G-325

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