I94 Arrival Departure Record
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"What is the I-94 Form and Who Needs One?"

From Jennifer Leavitt-Wipf,
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Definition: I-94 is a form that records the date a foreigner arrives in the United States and the "admitted until" date, which is when the traveler's permission to stay in the U.S. expires. It is typically stapled inside the passport.

Key Details
-All those traveling to the U.S. on a visa will receive an I-94 from a Customs Officer upon arrival.

-Foreigners arriving on a visa waiver will instead get an I-94W, and crewmen, an I-95.

Also Known As: Arrival Departure Document, Arrival Departure Record
Examples: When Irene arrived in the U.S. from Ireland she filled out her I-94 to fill out.
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