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Priority Dates and a Permanent Residency Petition Based on Parental Green Cards

From Jennifer Leavitt-Wipf,
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What happens when my parents become citizens?

From Priority Date teleconference with Immigration Attorney Carl Shusterman

Question: I have an approved petition for permanent residency through my parent (Category F2B) dated 1994. At that time, my parent had a Green Card. Now my parent is applying for citizenship. When I change my Category to F1 (family-based 1), will I have to wait all over again for a visa number because as you know, even F1 has a backlog of more than one year now or will I get it immediately? Another question: Can I change my Category based on my parent's citizenship's application?

Answer: When your petitioning parent naturalizes, you will be automatically converted from the 2B to the First Preference category. Your priority date, however, will remain as 1994. Therefore, unless you were born in Mexico or the Philippines, the only two countries where the First Preference priority date proceeds 1994, you will be able to immediately apply for a green card.

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