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Call Your Service Center Directly, Toll Free

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How To Get Through To a USCIS (Former INS) Service Center

USCIS recently expanded its toll-free customer service call routing network to include the 4 USCIS service centers. The following kinds of calls will be automatically routed to the SC’s during live assistance hours– Under Option 1 in the main menu:

♦ New permanent resident who received their welcome notice more than 30 days ago, but hasn’t yet received their new permanent resident card.

♦ Case already approved but customer didn’t receive associated post-approval documents within 30 days after the case is approved and all required biometrics have been collected (for example getting their new Permanent Resident card within 30 days after we approve their I-90 application.

♦ I-129 approved more than a week ago, but consulate or POE listed on petition hasn’t received notification. Under Option 2 in the main menu.

♦ Pending case where there is reason to believe companion cases have been separated in processing.

♦ Pending I-129 where the petitioner wants to change information on the petition, such as change consulates or add or remove beneficiaries.

♦ Questions about a ‘Request for Evidence’ (RFE) received from the SC on a case. This includes – - questions trying to understand what is requested, - if the caller believes the material requested by the RFE was already submitted with the case, or - if an RFE response isn't shown in our system within 30 days after it was submitted.

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