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U.S. Immigration Case Status, Waiting and Processing Details, Times

Articles and government information about visa numbers, case status, processing times and details and caps. USCIS announcements. Changes in immigration laws or procedures.
Priority Dates and a Permanent Residency Petition Based on Parental Green Cards
Priority Dates and Family Sponsorship: What happens to my visa application when my parents become citizens?
BIA Rules In Favor of Children Who Aged-Out Despite CSPA
BIA Rules In Favor of Children Who Aged-Out Despite CSPA
USCIS Service Centers Now Specialize in Particular Areas
USCIS divides service centers by specialization, scrapping geographical system.
Medical Waiver
Definition of medical waiver in terms of U.S. immigration regulations.
Fiscal Year
Definition of the term fiscal year in relation to U.S. immigration regulations.
What is an Advisory Opinion?
Explanation of advisory opninion in terms of United States immigration regulations.
What is Humanitarian Parole?
Explanation of humanitarian parole in terms of United States immigration regulations.
Affidavit of Support
What is an Affidavit of Support in immigration terms?
What is an affidavit in relation to immigration issues?
Unlucky in Love - Gay and Lesbian Immigration
For gay and lesbian couples in binational relationships, immigration is a dirty word. Learn about the current possibilities for a homosexual partner to immigrate to the United States.
Issue: The Immigration Service - Processing & Waiting / Managing Backlog
Immigration applications take months and years to be processed. Waiting times and priority dates are out of control. Applicants wait for years abroad to be reunited with their families in the U.S. Is this right? Is it wrong? What are the arguments from both sides? What can be done about? Should something be done?
How Can I Check My Case Status?
Instructions on how to check your case status with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly INS and BCIS).
What Are Application Support Centers for the U.S.?
What are Application Support Centers in connection with US immigration?
When should I call the Citizenship and Immigration Services?
Advice on when to call the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, formerly INS).
Call Your Service Center Directly, Toll Free
Call your USCIS (former INS) service center, toll free, rather than going through the national service center for immigration or visa assistance.
Priority Dates for Immigrants: How to Get One, How to Keep One, How to Change One
Transcript of our informative chat on priority dates with leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman in quick and easy FAQ style recap.
Strategies Against Backlog: China/India
Transcript of our informative expert chat for strategies against backlog: China/India, with leading immigration attorney Carl Shusterman.
Help With INS Forms: Filling in the Blanks
Transcript of live chat with legal assistant Claudia Gregorian, Law Offices of Carl Shusterman, answering questions regarding the following INS forms: G-28, G-325, I-90, I-129, I-130, I-131, I-140, I-485, I-765, I-864, and N-400
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