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U.S. Border Control, Customs and Security

Articles and government resources about passport and visa information, travel safety, customs, border patrol, embassy and consular offices.
US Borders and Ports of Entry
facts and statistics on US Borders with Mexico and Canada
U.S. Border Control Issues
When U.S. borders are vulnerable, the entire country is vulnerable. What should be done about the borders, and what's at stake?
Do Visitor Fingerpinting, Photographing & Tracking Support National Security? Tourism? Civil Liberties?
Many foreign visitors to the United States are now fingerprinted, photographed and questioned each time they enter the U.S. Is this fair? Necessary? Good for America? The debate is a passionate one.
Don't Learn the Hard Way: Immigration Mistakes Can Cause Havoc, Sorrow
Have your immigration papers ready and up-to-date when you enter the country: alhtough love knows no boundaries, the USCIS does, and it will enforce them.
Immigration Reform 2006 Specter
Immigration reform in Congress and Senate
Inadmissibility (Exclusion)
Explanation of the term inadmissibility (exclusion)
Letter A: An explanation of the term Admission
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