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Homework Help for Students, Resources & Lesson Plans for Teachers

Guidance, ideas and resources for students of all ages, and the teachers who teach them.
Learning About Immigration First Hand, Through Oral History
immigration, oral history, research, community resources
Teaching Immigration in the Classroom
This site offers a range of multimedia resources for teaching Immigration in the classroom at various grade levels.
Crossing the Border, A Study of Immigration Though Literature
Text-heavy but well done, this lesson plan by a student teacher explains a lot about the planning process before it gets to the (very good) meat of the unit at the bottom of the page.
Academic Resources for Immigration Studies in Higher Education
Synopses of current research projects involving immigrants and immigration, with contact information listed for those interested in using these materials to teach or study.
Build an Immigration Bulletin Board
Teachers of any grade can print out this map and have students mark their homelands, or those of their immigrant parents, grandparents or ancestors.
Major Immigration Issues in the U.S. Today
What are the major issues and debates concerning modern U.S. immigration and immigrants? There are quite a few. Here we look at those that have an impact on both immigrants and citizens.
How Immigration Laws are Made
How does an immigration law become a law? Here's an overview of the process.
U.S. Immigration: A Historical Snapshot, Past to Present
An overview of immigration from the golden years to the present.
Research Ports of Entry at the Learning Page
Here, students assume the role of historical detective and travel back in time to the turn of the century to learn about American immigration.
Center for Immigration Studies
It is difficult to find any site on immigration that does not have its own political slant. CIS is no exception, however, since it leans toward controlled immigration, which is a middle-of-the-road viewpoint, much objective research--stats, facts, studies--can be found here.
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