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Famous and Notable US Immigrants in the Music World

Here you will find famous and notable musician immigrants to the U.S. who are instrumentalists, singers, conductors, composers, arrangers, song writers, and others involved with music.
Irving Berlin (MUSIC-�God Bless America�)
Berlin was born in Eastern Russia in 1888. His first published hit was "Marie From Sunny Italy." Berlin was prolific: He wrote more than 900 songs, 19 musicals and the scores of 18 movies. Some of his songs that have become classics include "There's No Business Like Show Business," "Easter Parade," and "White Christmas." He is the top money maker among songwriters in America.
Gloria Estefan
With more and more Cubans in the immigration headlines, we look at one who made it here, and brought a bit of the homeland with her.
Neil Young (MUSICIAN)
Neil Percival Young was born in 1945, he is a Canadian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and film director.
Xavier Cugat � spain/cuba � music
Xavier Cugat was a bandleader that many consider to have had more to do with making Latin music popular in the United States than any other musician.
Eddie Van Halen (MUSICIAN)
Eddie and his family moved from the Netherlands to Pasadena, California in 1967. Guitarist Eddie Van Halen redefined what electric guitar could do and with their 1978 debut, Van Halen simultaneously re-wrote the rules for rock guitar and hard rock in general.
Midori (MUSIC-classical violinist)
Midori was born in Japan, in 1971 and began studying the violin with her mother at very early age. In 1982, when Zubin Mehta first heard her play, he was so impressed that he invited her to be a surprise guest soloist for the New York Philharmonic's traditional New Year's Eve concert.
David Byrne
David Byrne is well known as the musician who co-founded the group Talking Heads. He also has been involved with photography and design since his college days, publishing and exhiting works over the last decade.
Placido Domingo (MUSIC-opera singer)
Born in Madrid to parents who were performers, Pl�cido Domingo moved to Mexico at the age of eight. He went to Mexico City's Conservatory of Music to study piano and conducting. Domingo's recordings appear on the best seller charts and at one time, seven of his CD's appeared simultaneously on Billboard's top-selling charts of classical and cross-over recordings.
Zubin Mehta
Explore the fascinating life and work of this Indian musician and frequent immigrant.
Yo-Yo Ma (MUSIC-cellist)
Yo-Yo Ma was born to Chinese parents living in Paris. He began to study the cello with his father at age 4 and soon came with his family to New York. Ma is an exclusive Sony Classical artist, and has a discography of over 50 albums. Some of which have won various awards, including 15 Grammy Awards.
Gian Carlo Menotti (MUSIC-composer)
Gian Carlo Menotti was born in 1911, in Cadegliano, Italy. At the age of 7, under the guidance of his mother, he began to compose songs, and four years later he wrote the words and music of his first opera, The Death of Pierrot.
Arthur Rubinstein
A World War II refugee, this Polish-American immigrant was one of the greates pianists of the century.
Seiji Ozawa (MUSIC-conductor)
Born in 1935 in Shenyang, China, Seiji Ozawa studied music from an early age. He became the Boston Symphony Orchestra's music director in 1973.
Itzhak Perlman (MUSIC-violinist)
Born in Israel in 1945, Perlman completed his initial training at the Academy of Music in Tel Aviv. He was soon propelled into the international arenain 1958 with an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
Carlos Santana
This great guitarist came to America and found success by fusing Latin music with Rock music, but his heart lies with his people and their rich culture.
Gene Simmons
He just turned 50, but this Israeli-American immigrant is still going strong on the Rock 'n Roll stage.
Andre Previn (MUSIC-Pianist/Composer)
Previn has composed film scores and other musical works including a cello concerto and a guitar concerto. He has also adapted and conducted the music for several films - some of them stage-to-film adaptations (My Fair Lady, Kismet, Porgy and Bess, Paint Your Wagon), but several especially for film, including the Academy Award-winning Gigi.
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