Notable and Famous Immigrants in Politics and Government
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Famous and Notable US Immigrants in Politics, Law or Government

Notable and famous immigrants to the U.S. who are in the fields of politics and government.
Arnold Schwarzenegger - an American Dream
From Bodybuilder champ to movie star to governor of California: Arnold Schwarzenegger embodies the American dream. Read about his career highlights and the history of Austrian immigration to the United States, including other notable immigrants.
Felix Frankfurter � Austria � Law
Associate Justice Felix Frankfurter was nominated by President Roosevelt and sworn in on Sunday, January 29, 1939.
Marcus Garvey � Jamaica � Politics
Marcus Mosiah Garvey, was a great leader for the African people and spent his entire life in the service of his people--African people.
Madeleine Albright
Her experience as a refugee has been reflected in her life's work in government and foreign policy. A profile with many links to Web sites and books. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Colonel Tom Parker
Parker began his career in the music industry as a promoter in the late 1940s, working with such country music stars as Minnie Pearl, Hank Snow, and Eddy Arnold. He was known best as the manager of Elvis Presley.
Tom Lantos, Hungarian-born US Congressman
After escaping a forced-labor camp in Hungry, Lantos won a scholarship to the University of Washington in Seattle. Before joining Congress, he was an international affairs analyst, Senate advisor, economics professor and consultant.
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