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Welcome to the discussion forum on Immigration Issues.

Although your Guide is always available to answer your questions and queries, using the forum will be more beneficial since your message will reach a greater number of people. As a result, a large number of people can contribute to or benefit from the discussions. Feel free to use this forum to ask questions, express your opinion, and spread relevant information.

Please remember, your can refer users to relevant sites, but advertisements are not allowed. Your Immigration Issues Guide will visit the forum regularly and will contribute to (and moderate) all discussions.


  1. Q. Do I have to register to use the forums?
    A. You can enter as a guest and read posts, but you must register before you can post or answer a post that's already there. Registering is quick, simple, and free. Please join us.
  2. Q. Are there any types of posts that are prohibited here?
    A. We will delete any spam or commercial posts. Please do not post to sell something or involve anyone in a money-making proposition. Flames or rude / insensitive remarks will be removed. Users who are disruptive may be gagged at the Guide's discretion.
  3. Q. May I promote my product or Web site here?
    A. As with most places on the Internet, you may make your URL part of your "signature" by typing it under your name at the end of your posts, but please do not place commercial posts on the forum. They will be considered spam and be deleted.
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