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A New Amnesty? Congressional Reaction To Labor's Proposal

Quick & Easy FAQ Style Recap

Question #1:
Please tell us about the proposed amnesty bill and who might qualify.
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #2
:  How would people go about applying for such an amnesty?
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #3: I am married to a man from Mexico who does not have a status. He is here illegally. Should I try to put in an application for him or should I wait for the amnesty and if so could you please tell me what to save for proof of him being here as in pay stubs and what else?
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #4:  I'm here in the United States on a visitor visa. My visa will expire in May 2000. Am I eligible for amnesty? Are my children eligible to join me in US? They are in my home country at this time.
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #5: I understand that an amnesty covers people illegally in the country such as EWI or out of status. However, if enacted, how will this amnesty affect the people with cases of political asylum pending (forever) and/or NACARA (sec.203) cases filed with INS?
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #6: What kind of proof will be asked for to show one is eligible for amnesty?
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #7: If a person is Illegal how can he/she have rent receipts, insurance policies etc.?
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #8: As far as NACARA is concerned the Eastern Europeans were left out in the cold. You have mentioned that one of the immigrants groups covered are the Central American refugees from the 80's. How about the Eastern Europeans, especially those covered by NACARA. Do you think they may have a chance to be considered? After all, the law should protect equally all the beneficiaries.
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #9: Who else is backing up the AFL-CIO's proposal?
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #10: As I understand it, in 1986 when amnesty was last declared there were a lot of people who had recently arrived in the states who had given false affidavits and had got amnesty. I also understand that the INS does not microscopically go through each application and on the whole grants amnesty to all. Is this true?????
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #11: Although there are no guarantees, what do you think, or what is the general feeling amongst attorneys or government that this amnesty will pass?
Carl Shusterman's Answer

Question #12
: To speak of another amnesty situation, is it true that CSS and LULAC will be heard by judges this month? And how would the new amnesty affect those cases?
Carl Shusterman's Answer

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