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Product Review
AIC K-3 U.S. Entry Visa for Spouse Kit

U.S. Citizen Petition for Spouse and Children Living Abroad: K-3 K-4 Entry Visa(s) Package 
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Pros  •  A full package to help Americans understand and file for K-3 and K-4 visas. If and when obtained, these visas allow spouses and children living abroad to enter the U.S. even while immigration paperwork is pending. It's a complex issue, so the detailed instructions, explanations, samples and forms can be very helpful.

• Comes in binders so that ever-changing INS information can quickly and easily be updated by the publisher.

•  The kit may well save you time, money and frustration. Good for those with a straightforward case.

Cons  •  If you have complications or legal issues, this cannot serve as or substitute for legal assistance. Note also that you will first need to assess eligibility for these visas. 

•  These packages are timely. Because of ever-changing laws, procedures and fees, it's a good idea to buy originals, not second hand copies, and buy them only when you are ready to file, otherwise some of the information may become obsolete. 
The Bottom Line - A good way to save yourself some time, money and frustration if you need to assess your eligibility and then file for K-3 and K-4 visas and have no legal issues or complications.
Product Description from the publisher:
•  "The information included in this package will provide you with all the tools necessary for assessing the eligibility requirements understanding the procedure, completing the necessary applications, attaching and gathering the required supporting documents and filing the documents for your petition. Our simple easy-to-follow guide will also prepare you for what to expect when dealing with Immigration and what you should expect after filing the documentation."


• "Contents: Self Help Book, information folder, Immigration Principals Guide, and a package of original forms. Instruction guide with how-to explanations and easy to follow step-by-step procedures. Eligibility requirements, supporting documentation, and submission addresses. Updated filing fees, listings of US Embassies and Consulates, Immigration & Naturalization contact information, updated Visa Bulletin with processing cut-off dates, glossary of Immigration terms and abbreviations, instructions on filing, document translation information, photo specification guide and helpful hints.

Original Forms: I-129F, 2 X G-325A, I-765, I-485, I-864, and I-693. 

Sample Forms: I-129F (Sample for US Citizen petitioning for Alien Spouse/Children), I-485, I-765, 2 x G-325A.

•  Who can file? "A U.S. Citizen may file for the New K3 and K4 nonimmigrant visas to allow their spouses and minor children to come to the U.S. while their permanent visa petition is pending."

Guide Review
Review from Jennifer and Peter Wipf
The K-3 and K-4 visas are relatively new and complex, so not all that many people understand them or even know of their existence. Too few anyway. The most difficult cases are often those where we have to be separated from loved ones. Many people are eager to try to trick the system, in part to rush the process and be reunited, and in part because the immigration laws can be confusing. The K-3 and K-4 visas make doing it right the first time much easier.  For some, who may have complications and special issues, hiring an attorney may be in order, or, if the issue is administrative and not legal, a consultant. Others have a simple and straightforward case but have trouble navigating the laws and procedures they need to follow to quickly file for their families to join them in the U.S. That's where the K-3 U.S. Entry Visa for Spouse (and children)  kit from the American Immigration Center comes in. It cannot replace an attorney for someone who needs ones, but for those with a simple case it can be just the ticket. Its instructions are clear and detailed, with examples and sample forms. You may still have questions related to immigration laws and certain other procedures down the road. Nevertheless, if your spouse and children are eligible, this package can get you going quickly so your family can be reunited. 
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From Jennifer Leavitt-Wipf,
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