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Immigration Boom Continues 11/27/02

Despite slow economy and edgy political climate, immigrants are moving in at record pace according to the Boston Globe.


Cuban Boy Found Off Florida Coast11/27/02

"Three years to the day after Elian Gonzalez was found clinging to an inner tube off the Florida coast, the U.S. Coast Guard found a 14-year-old Cuban boy hiding on a boat Monday, raising legal issues reminiscent of the earlier case." From CNN.


Registration of Foreigners Broadens to 18 Countries11/25/02

Nationals from 18 different countries must now register if they enter or are staying in the US. This story from Arabic News.


Ashcroft Says No Special Status for Canadians Entering U.S. 11/07/02

Canadians will be treated like everyone else CBC reports.


U.S. Wants Prints Of Muslim Visitors 11/07/02

The Washington Post reports that officials are pressing for fingerprinting of all Muslims who enter the U.S.


Haitians Detained at Sea Being Returned11/05/02

Caught at sea, a group of would-be illegal immigrants will be returned home. From the Miami Herald.


Coderre Labels U.S. Visa Plan 'Racial Profiling'11/04/02

"An American plan to make it tougher for Canadian residents from Commonwealth countries to enter the U.S. has been branded a form of racial profiling by Canada's immigration minister." CBC News reports.


NY Times Readers: Illegal Guinea Immigrant Sues Over Conditions in Detention11/02/02 - free registration required/fee for archives: Lawyers claim pattern of abuse and neglect toward mentally retarded, juvenile detainee.


Vermont Sees Influx of Bosnians10/30/02

The northeastern state is a popular destination for migrant group. AP/Yahoo.


DMV Worker Charged in Scam10/24/02

"Employee Allegedly Helped Illegal Immigrants Obtain Licenses." That employee has been charged reports the Washington Post.


NY Times Readers: Police Investigate Killings of Illegal Immigrants in Desert10/23/02 - free registration required/fee for archives: "The police are investigating whether armed vigilantes, self-appointed guardians of the border with Mexico, fatally shot at least two illegal immigrants in the desert last week."


Hijackers Got Visas With Little Scrutiny, GAO Reports10/23/02

There were gaping holes in the process that allowed those responsible for the 9/11 attacks to secure visas. The Washington Post has details.


Missing Canadian Deported by U.S. Turns Up in Syria10/21/02

A man the US deported and authorities have been searching for turns up on the other side of the globe and there are many questions for him. From Yahoo/Reuters.


8 Years of Cheating Immigrants 10/19/02

"A key figure in a scheme by an Arlington law firm to defraud thousands of immigrants was sentenced yesterday to more than eight years in prison, and federal authorities announced a plan to help repay the immigrants using $4 million of the defendant's money." From the Washington Post.


AAO Issues Opinion Stating O-1 Positions Do Not Have to Require Extraordinary Ability10/19/02|

From Siskind, Susser, Haas & Devine.


INS Issues New Healthcare Worker Regulation 10/18/02

From Siskind, Susser, Haas & Devine.


NY Times Readers: Where 11 Were Found Dead, Much to Draw Them 10/17/02 - free registration required/fee for archives: The bodies of 11 Mexican migrants--4 women and 7 men--were found in a rail car just days ago. For some, Iowa seems an unlikely place to head to, but the Hispanic population is large and growing. Then too, with it's lack of smog, reasonable cost of living, quiet days and meat-packing jobs, life in Iowa leaves little to be desired.


See also:

Latino Community Aches for Migrants Who Died in Boxcar Los Angeles Times - registration required

Heat, Dehydration Killed 11 in IowaAssociated Press

11 Bodies Removed From Rail Car Washington Post

Rotting Bodies Found in US TrainBBC


House OKs Visa For Border Students10/15/02

Mexican and Canadian students who commute across the border to attend American universities will now gain a new student visa status that will end years of red tape and frustration for this group that has thus far fallen between the cracks and faced border crossing challenges. The new measure was approved by the House on Tuesday says AP/Yahoo.


Immigrant Issues Urged in Elections10/15/02

After a year filled with difficult immigration issues that have either stemmed from or been waylaid by 9/11, immigration laws, including proposals to legalize undocumented immigrants, have become a hot campaign topic AP/Yahoo.


LA Times Readers: Push to Ease Immigration Rules Is Finished for Now 10/15/02 - free registration required/fee for archives: Efforts to extend 245(i) and pass other pro-immigrant legislation that would make applying for a green card easier for seem, seem to be on hold indefinitely, in part due to terrorism concerns.


Holyoke Officials Fight Grant for Somali Refugees10/14/02

In Holyoke Massachusetts, officials ask that a government grant be returned, because the city cannot support Somali refugees related to the grant. The Boston Globe has this story.


A Man From Kuwait Meets the War on Terror in Long Beach10/14/02

After minor brushes with the law over--at least in part--democratic activism--Hasan Hasan has faced nothing but trouble, interrogation and humiliation in the US, after 9/11 that is. An op-ed from LA Weekly.


Spouse of WTC Victim Allowed to Stay10/14/02

Vasily Ryjov, an undocumented Georgian immigrant whose wife Tatiana was killed in the WTC attack, will be allowed to stay in the U.S with his two young sons AP/Yahoo discloses.


NY Times Readers: Slowdown on U.S. Visas Stalls Business, Science and Personal Travel Plans10/13/02 - free registration required/fee for archives: As a result of post 9/11 regulations requiring detailed analysis of all visa applications, visa processing has slowed down considerably, causing people to miss weddings, be stranded abroad, reschedule medical treatments, miss business meetings and more.


Q-2 Visa for Irish Nationals, 6-Year Limit on H-1B Visas, Investor Visa Program

Read legislative updates from SSHD.


State Department Raises Non-immigrant Visa Fee 10/11/02

New fees have been implemented for non-immigrant visa applications. From SSHD.


Rapper Gets a Washington Rep10/10/02

Island/Def Jam Music Group has retained lobbyists Fenner Gray & Associates on behalf of Slick Rick -- Ricky Walters -- the British-born, platinum-record rapper who is in an Immigration and Naturalization Service detention center in Bradenton, Fla., pending deportation because he is considered a flight risk by the INS while he fights his deportation order, which follows his five years in prison for shooting his cousin. He has been "clean" every since say his supporters. According to the Washington Post, Walters has lived in the U.S since he was 11, and has a wife and children who are U.S. citizens.


Appeals Court OKs Closed Hearings10/09/02

Citing national security, a three-judge panel of the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that immigration hearings may be closed by the government, a blow to the media and to civil rights groups that have argued for freedom of information. Newsday reports.

See also: Appeals Court Upholds Secret Immigration Hearings Bush SoughtBoston Globe


INS Defends Dealings With Immigrant Who Shot 510/09/02

Hesham Mohamed Hadayet shot and killed five people at LAX last summer, raising questions about his immigration status and possible ties to terrorist groups. An investigation had revealed that Hadayet was denied asylum and ordered deported years ago, but after his wife won the diversity lottery, he too was granted a visa. The INS says it acted appropriately despite the original agent's serious concerns about credibility. This from the Washington Post.


Arrests made in Canada-U.S. Human Smuggling Investigation10/08/02

Fifteen have been arrested as a multi-million dollar human smuggling ring is busted in a joint effort between "various authorities including the RCMP, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service," reports CBC. The illegal Pakistani and Indian immigrants paid as much as $40,000 for fake papers that got them into Canada, and then for journey expenses for smuggling over U.S. borders.


Report Finds Lapses in Program to Deport Criminal Immigrants10/08/02 - free registration required/fee for archives: A recent audit finds that the U.S. fails to deport illegal immigrants in a timely fashion, which costs millions in unnecessary detention expenses and also keeps immigrants detained beyond their rightful sentences, a problem that many human and civil rights activists are up in arms about.


Lottery To Draw Millions10/07/02

"The State Department is accepting entries today through noon Nov. 6 for an annual lottery in which tens of thousands of people will be chosen to apply for 50,000 permanent residency visas to live in the United States."

From Newsday.


Sudan Pilot Pleads Innocent in N.C.10/07/02

According to AP/Yahoo, a Sudanese immigrant by the name of Mekki Hamed Mekki Hamed Mekki may have links to terrorist groups, but his official offense is that he lied on his asylum application, including omitting his service in the Sudanese Air Force.


In Herndon, Making Room for Immigrant Workers 10/06/02

Hendron residents complain about Hispanic day workers who gather at 7-11 each day, waiting to be picked up for work. Those who don't luck out with a job end up loitering all day causing "an eyesore" for residents and possibly bringing down property values. A new proposal would establish a formal center for the immigrants to gather and seek work say the Washington Post.


NY Times Readers: Husband of a 9/11 Victim Is Told He'll Be Deported10/05/02 - free registration required/fee for archives: An illegal immigrant and father of two loses his wife and then faces deportation because he allegedly applied for a green card under the pretense of a false marriage, years ago. Now Vasily V. Ryjov (of former Soviet territory, now Georgia,) says an immigration attorney arranged that and he knew nothing about it. The attorney has "since disappeared."


Maine Mayor's Letter Upsets Somalis 10/05/02

Lewiston, Maine Mayor Larry Raymond pleads with Somali leaders to give Lewiston a break after the area residents became alarmed by a growing Somali population that is on public assistance, and/or competing for local jobs, services and housing. Details from AP/Yahoo.


NY Times Readers: Contractor Is to Pay $75,000 Owed 18 Immigrant Laborers10/04/02 - free registration required/fee for archives: A Queens contractor hired immigrant day workers for, unbeknownst to the workers, were offered pay at a rate significantly lower than the required "prevailing wage" on civic projects. Now, the contractor must pay up.


Border Wait to Grow Far Worse, Local Officials Say 10/03/02

As regulations get more complicated and traffic across the border increases, the forecast isn't pretty reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.


Justice Department Appropriations Bill Allows for Extensions of H-1B Status 10/02/02

a new provision "will grant a seventh year on H-1B status to nonimmigrants for who an application for a labor certification was filed before the end of their fifth year of H-1B status." reports Siskind, Susser, Haas & Devine.


NY Times Readers: Barring the Gate to a Great Director10/02/02 - free registration required/fee for archives:"Leading film director, Abbas Kiarostami has been denied entry to the US. Surely, says the Times, "The idea that the United States government is incapable of distinguishing between a potential terrorist and a renowned 62-year-old filmmaker who has been here seven times before without incident is not flattering to America's intelligence capacities or its reputation for cultural literacy.


NY Times Readers: 2 Agencies Say Silence Prevented Pair's Tracking 10/02/02 - free registration required/fee for archives:The government, by keeping important information a secret, may have hindered investigations that could have caught two 9/11 terrorists.


Malaysia Knocks U.S. Airport Checks 10/01/02

Malaysian authorities criticize security check methods and say Americans are in a state of anti-Muslim hysteria. The Associated Press reports.


Congressman Won't Talk to Reporters 10/01/02

Known for his extremely conservative immigration views, including his desire to deport an honor role student, Rep. Tom Tancredo refuses to give interviews to the press any longer. The Associated Press has details.



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