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"Application Support Centers for the U.S."

From Jennifer Leavitt-Wipf,
Your Guide to Immigration Issues.
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Definition: USCIS (former INS /BCIS / CIS) Offices fingerprint applicants for immigration benefits. Some USCIS applications, such as the Application for Naturalization or the Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, require the USCIS to conduct a FBI fingerprint background check on the applicant. Most applicants that require a background check will be scheduled to appear at a specific Application Support Center (ASC) or Designated Law Enforcement Agency (DLEA) for fingerprinting.
Pronunciation: app-lih-kay-shun soo-port sen-ter
Also Known As: ASC, Immigration Application Support Center, USCIS Fingerprinting Site
Examples: Joe was applying for his green card and had to visit an Application Support Center to get fingerprinted.
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